Rules and Regulations for Membership and Boat Storage

  1. Membership in SSBA is limited to residents of the Town of Stonington. A resident is defined as “anyone who resides within the town, regardless of how long that person has resided or intends to reside the town.” A resident may be permanent or seasonal.
  2. Storage is intended for boats that are actively used. Boats stored in the boat park must be seaworthy. Space is too limited to allow boats that are unused, in need of repair or otherwise inactive to take a space. If a boat does not meet requirements for storage, SSBA will notify owner based on contact information provided. Any boat unclaimed after 30 days will become property of SSBA and disposed of.
  3. All requested information shall be provided on the membership application. Late renewals risk losing their space. If your contact information changes during the year, please email SSBA promptly.
  4. All members are required to maintain insurance for each boat stored in the SSBA boat park. Include a vessel description-color, length, brand, class or alike on application.
  5. Membership stickers for the current year shall be affixed to the hull by the second Saturday in June. Boats without current stickers may be removed for the boat park.
  6. Newly purchased boats, or boats belonging to new members must have a sticker on the boat prior to placing it in the SSBA boat park. Contact SSBA for a new sticker if old sticker is not usable.
  7. Each boat has an assigned location, it may not be moved to a different location without permission from SSBA.
  8. Boat storage is limited to the number of spaces available in the current configuration of racks and ground spaces. An empty space is not necessarily an available space.
  9. No boats are to be stored on the beach or outside the SSBA boat park (defined as the fenced-in area).
  10. No trailers or boats powered by outboard motors shall be allowed in the SSBA boat park. The maximum weight for any boat stored at SSBA shall be 300 pounds.
  11. Any boat requesting a ground spot shall be stored on its own personal dolly. Use of SSBA dollies for storage is not permitted. Dollies provided by SSBA shall not be removed from the SSBA facility.
  12. Each boat owner is responsible for keeping the area around his boat and the SSBA boat park litter-free.
  13. All boats, especially kayaks and boats on top racks, shall be secured tightly against the wind.
  14. It is recommended that all boats be secured against unauthorized use.
  15. Storage of boats within the boat park is at the owner’s risk. SSBA is not responsible for loss or damage to any boat while in the boat park. It is recommended boats be removed from the boat park during long periods of non-use (i.e.: off-season).
  16. Boats stored at SSBA between November 1st and April 1st shall be de-masted and properly stored for winter. If a boat owner is a seasonal resident, take care to store and secure your boat properly prior to departing for the season.
  17. SSBA boat park shall not be used for any commercial enterprises.
  18. SSBA is a volunteer organization, members are asked to contribute their time or talents in upkeep of grounds, maintenance of records, and alike.
  19. Failure by any member to comply with any of these rules may result in forfeiture of their membership in SSBA and all rights and privileges thereof. All fees are non-refundable. Non-compliant boats may be marked with a notice defining the offence.
  20. These rules and regulations were approved by the Board of Directors as of March 2021.