There is no easier location to launch a boat from in Stonington than at SSBA.  The beach launch area is protected on the north side by the town dock and the south side by large boat dock space and an attenuator barrier. The distance to the open harbor is about 300 feet and places you in the center of the harbor, a turn to starboard will take you to the Dog Watch, a turn port will take you to Breakwater and Fishers Island.

The Ground Storage has space for 21 boats that are 16 feet in length or less and 8 spaces for boats that are 12 feet or less and do not fit in the dingy racks. Most boats stored in the Ground Storage locations are sailboats. Some are used occasionally, many are used every week. Its important that each boat is placed on its own fully functioning dolly and stored in its allocated position.

A concrete block sunken in the ground marks the location of one storage space. Each block will be identified by a stenciled letter that will correspond with the boat to be stored on it. The bow of the boat resting on its dolly must be placed on this block. This method will reduce encroachment and allow easy assessment of correctly stored boats.

Should you apply for ground storage space and be approved and assigned location B, the only place you can store your boat is location B.

Our Ground storage spaces are ideal for those larger boats that do not fit into the dingy racks or have larger masts that can remain stepped through out the season. The spaces available are 16 feet long and 6.5 feet wide. Each boat must have its own fully operational dolly so as the lawn service can move boats and do their job.