There are 69 Dingy Rack spaces that safely store Lasers, Sunfish, small boats and rowing tenders on 3 levels.

1. Owners must ensure that their boats are securely stored and pushed back as far as possible to maximize space.
2. Any boats stored on the top rack must be tightly secured to the rack against the wind.
3. Should owners choose to keep spars and foils with their boat they must ensure that they are identifiable and securely tied to the boat. Unidentified equipment will be removed from the SSBA.
4. The SSBA has 4 dollies identifiable by red markings by the handle available for use by dinghy sailors to access the water. SSBA dollies are not to be used for ground storage. Any boats stored on SSBA dollies will be removed.
5. Please be considerate to your fellow members when rigging and launching your boat to ensure a free flow of boats from the racks to and from the launching ramp.
6. Please keep the area around your boat clean and remove any garbage.

Safe Boating reminder:

Please practice safety on the water. Wear a life jacket and always let someone know if you plan to go out alone.

Remember the priority order that determines rights for different types of vessels.Vessels restricted in their ability to maneuver (such as the large commercial fishing vessels entering/departing the harbor) have right of way. Please exercise caution around our neighboring commercial fishing fleet.